Download Scrum Guide in EPUB format

The Scrum Guide is not available in the EPUB format, I did not really like that. So I created an EPUB version of the Scrum Guide myself for any eReader.

The Scrum Guide is not available in the EPUB format, I did not really like that. So I created an EPUB version of the Scrum Guide myself. Scrum, it’s being part of my professional work life for some time now. As is Agile, I cannot imagine a work life without an Agile Mindset or Scrum doing my job. I’m a certified Scrum Master for some years now, but I did not do the Professional Product Owner Exam yet. But I should do it…. so during my holiday I planned to read the Scrum Guide 1 time each day. There is only one problem…. it’s in PDF format only. And my Kobo ebook reader does not like PDF format documents. It does like EPUB format ebooks and documents so that’s a problem. I don’t get it. The Scrum Guide is downloadable in many many languages. English, German, Dutch, French in more than 30 languages. To bad it’s not in the language of the Province I live in, Zeeland.

So, the Scrum Guide can be downloaded in many languages but only in PDF format and not in EPUB format. And as my Kobo does read PDF files it does not do a good job. You cannot really enlarge the text or make it smaller. Also marking the text is not as good as with an EPUB file. But the Scrum Guide cannot be found in the EPUB format.

Scrum Guide in EPUB format

EPUB, what is is? The EPUB file format (short for electronic publication) is an e-book format with the extension .epub. You can download EPUB files and read them on your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, or computer. This freely available e-book standard supports more hardware e-book readers than any other file format.

So most ebook readers, like my KoBo, really really like the ePub format.

And I searched the web, I searched and I searched.. but no EPUB could be found of the Scrum Guide. And I really did not wanted to use a PDF Scrum Guide on my Kobo. So I created the EPUB Scrum Guide file myself.

Download Scrum Guide EPUB

The English version really really looks good. The Dutch version is not so good. Converting a PDF to a MS Word file into a EPUB file is not easy. Not easy when you really want it to look good 🙂 and with MS Word it brings a lot of trash code into Epub.

So, sorry the Dutch version is not as good as the English version, but it’s en ePub.

Download English version

Searching for the Dutch version?

Scrum Guide EPUB Coffee

By the way…. it did cost me some time to create this file…. so if you are going to use is… and you like it… please buy me a coffee.

Thank you!!!

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