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my name is Theo, some of my friends call me iTheo. I’m a Nerd Herder ☆ Agility Master ☆ Code Monkey ☆ Life Hacker☆ Sport Billy ☆ Husband ☆ Male Human ☆ Dad of 2 ☆ and Legendary since '75.
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Latest Articles

Fix white title backend WordPress & Divi

Cannot read the title in the backend of WordPress? I have the solution and fix for this white background with white text in title in Gutenberg and Divi.

Why I’m changing to .TECH

I’ve had the domain for quite some time now. But with more and more visitors from abroad, it was time for a .Tech Domain

Oplossing SMA Omvormer ExperiaBox KPN connectie

Krijg je net zoals ik je SMA omvormer niet aangesloten op de ExperiaBox van KPN? De oplossing voor connectie problemen vind je hier.

Install Python 3.9.5 on Raspberry Pi step by step

Python 3.9.5 on the Raspberry Pi installation. With a few steps you can install Python 3.9.5 on your own Raspberry Pi!