Why I'm changing to .TECH

I've had the itheo.nl domain for quite some time now. But with more and more visitors from abroad visited my site it was time for a itheo.Tech Domain.

Why I'm changing to .TECH

I’ve been blogging for, well I can remember. Like ages… started in the last century I guess. I’ve been blogging on many platforms and had a lot of domains.

vandersluijs.nl is the domain I have had the longest, since 1996 if I remember correctly. I also had ImBoredSoIBlog.com, 40andfit.com, snurl.eu and many more I have had all kinds of blogs on.

At a certain point I wanted to get rid of a lot of domains. I rather focus on one or two good blog sites with names that stand out. So I started using vandersluijs.nl for all my blogs. I pulled all articles from all blogs, created redirects and there it was, one blog to rule them all! That however did not really go so well for Google SEO.

One Blog to Rule them ALL!

Google could not really define what kind of Blog it was. Is it a health blog, a tech blog or a just write what’s on your mind blog. As I’m a tech minded guy I really started missing my audience as my Google ranking was falling like the head of Ned Stark in ninth episode of Game of Thrones season 1, “Baelor”.

I had one more Domain, I wasn’t really using, a domain that might save my Tech articles from ending up on Google page 2001.

So I started to create the blog, first via Ghost on a Digital Ocean Server but later on WordPress. That domain was iTheo.nl.

Dutch Guy on iTheo.NL domain

Yes, I’m Dutch living in The Netherlands, Europe, Planet Earth. So as a Dutch techie I have a lot of .NL domains. And as some of my friend and colleagues called me iTheo lot’s of times (not knowing if it was more of a positive nickname or a scoffing) I bought itheo.nl like a really nerd would do.

As I had this domain since 2014, it seemed like a good idea to migrate all my tech related blog items to this domain.

For getting back on track with Google Ranking and SEO, I started to level up the quality of my articles. I put the right keywords in headers, I have rewritten the articles, put good photo’s with all correct tags and better sizes, added structured data, made the theme SEO load fast.

And as expected, Google ranking went up. Added some good backlinks, Google ranking climbed and climbed. Wrote more good articles and I was back on a level where I wanted to be.

And then it hit me…. .NL domain… that’s not really a Global thing right. Don’t get me wrong, I like the .NL Domain. And I guess most of you readers do not care if it is .NL, .NET or COM but when my pages show up in Google search it might push away people that think my Blog might be in an other language then Dutch.

So I went on a search for a new Domain Extension.

iTheo.com Gone, iTheo.net Gone… iTheo.Tech?

So I tried to get iTheo.com domain… gone… I tried the .Net extension… also gone…. I do not like the .EU domain as that feels like “Only EU people”.

I kept searching and searching.. and suddenly! itheo.Tech is free, Register?

Yes yes yes!! Owwwww…. it costs like 30 bucks per year, quite expensive as an .NL domain only costs 3,40 per year. Well.. still cheap as my first domain vandersluijs.nl was 120 bucks per year back in 1996.

So iTheo.tech… but is it wise to use this? Will a .Tech domain extension bring the right people to my site?

I guess yes as the .TECH domain extension clearly denotes that your project fits inside a particular area. In this case, that realm is area and that fits perfectly with my blog articles.

And as a side effect with a .TECH domain name, my site will be joining a community of tech enthusiasts — including large organizations like CES (www.ces.tech) and Intel (www.insight.tech), and hundreds of thousands of other tech startups

So Yes! A .TECH domain perfectly fits my needs.

As I also wanted to test a better and faster server, I moved the whole site from iTheo.nl to iTheo.tech.

I took all the precautions to keep as much Google Ranking as possible. So rerouted itheo.nl urls to all he correct itheo.tech urls. Told the Google Search Console about the domain change and told my backlink parties about my domain change.

I well see if I still keep my ranking in the following weeks.

But now… lets hear what you think. Is it a good move? Use the comments below to tell me.

Thank you!