Updating the Creality Neo (max) screen

It's a hidden feature! Really!!

So I have a Creality Neo Max for 2 months now and I have had some trouble with printing since yesterday. Read some blog articles and people suggested to update the firmware of the Mainboard en the screen.

So I took out a 2gb SD card formatted it to Fat32 (Fat32 is the only thing it will take) and I've loaded the new firmware on it. And after putting in the Mainboard update, things started to get out of hand.

The manual for the firmware update is easy. Please read with me.

Printer: Ender-3Max Neo
Printer Mainboard: Vx.xx
  The firmware is the Chinese and English  version of Ender-3Max Neo.

Display firmware update:
    1. Put the file "private"and "firmware.zlib"into the TF card.
    2. Insert the TF card into the screen card slot.
    3. Restart the machine and wait for completion.

Mainboard firmware update:
   1. Put the firmware file "V1.4.1_C.bin" into the root directory of TF card.
   2. Insert the TF card into the card slot of the printer.  
   3. Reboot and wait for the update to finish.

So, I had to get the Fat32 from another site. I just formatted it with my Mac but it did not like that. It really has to be FAT32, NOT FAT16, tried it, does not work.

So Fat32, put the Mainboard firmware on it. Put the SD card in the SD slot, turned the Creality Neo Max max on. The screen reloaded... and bam! No more text in the Screen.. icons yes.... text no. Okay I thought I guess I have to also update the screen.

Turned the printer off, removed the bin file from the SD card. Uploaded the private folder and firmware.zlib on the SD card. Ejected the SD card.

Put it in the 3D Creality printer. Turned the printer on.


Turned the printer off, ejected the SD card, turned the printer on, put the card in.


So I started searching the internet for some help. Not so much help on the Creality Neo Max printer. But I saw some people talk about another printer and another SD Slot.

YES! There is a hidden SD slot for the Creality Neo Max Screen!

So do as following, turn off the printer, disconnect the screen from the printer (pull out the connector) and turn the screen around.

It's in the screen casing.... yes within the screen casing. You have to open it!

Let me show you!


Remove the 4 silver screws.


Open it and there it is!!!!!!

You don't see it? Let me point it out for you!


Slide the SD card in from the top, the SD connectors towards the mainboard.

Now close the screen casing lid again, connect it to your printer and turn the printer on!

You will see similar loading as folowing.


Now, when finished... it will stay in the Creality loader screen.


Leave it in this screen for some time. I've waited like 20 minutes. It seem to stay in this screen.

Now do as following. Turn the printer off. Get the screen off the printer, remove the connector, open up the backside, remove the SD card, put back the backside, connect it back to the printer, turn the printer back on!

And YES!

It's all in Føcking Chinese now!

Don't worry, you can switch back to English somewhere in the Chinese settings!

Have fun!

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