Tech used by iTheo

What kind of tech do I have and use!

Here you will find a list of tech and non tech items I use on daily base. This overview is never finished and will always be subject to change. Sometimes the list is shorter, but often it will get longer and longer.

Table Of Contents

Tech For my Day to Day work

I’ve have and use quite some tech and equipment for my day to day work.

Apple Macbook Pro

For work and my hobbies: developing software, podcasts, video’s and everything else next to my daily job I work on a Macbook Pro 13″, 16GB ram, 512GB SSD with the never used by me touch-slidebar. I still have the intel based model and I’m thinking about buying a Mac Mini M1 16GB, 512GB ssd for my Desk work and a Macbook Air M1 8GB for when I’m traveling or sitting on my couch.

Keyboard and Mouse

More info on this soon!

External Monitor

More info on this soon!


I use a TONOR USB Microphone Kit Q9 Capacitor Computer Cardioid Microphone for my Teams/Zoom/Webex sessions and when I make podcasts or video’s. Equipped with a 16 mm aperture, wide frequency response (20 Hz to 20 KHz) and professional sound chip set, the Q9 microphone offers a perfect combination of brightness, heat, extended dynamic range and high SPL capacity. With the cardioid condenser capsule, the Q9 can capture pristine and precise sound and suppress ambient noise, perfect for recording and communication.

This microphone works really well for the price 70dollars you pay for it.


Okay…. so I have this very old Logitech webcam. Not even sure what the model name is. It has a Carlzeis lens, 24mp auto focus and Tessar 2.0/3.7 something. This it what is says on the front of the camera. Oh wait…by searching on Tessar 2.0/3.7 I just found out it is a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. It’s 11 years old, I guess I really need an updated model.


Okay… promise you will not laugh! I don’t have an iPhone. I got a Xiaomi RedMi Note 8 Pro. I had several iPhones. I loved them for how they worked but I hated the price and things they could not! I could pay with my samsung (I had before my Xiaomi) long before my iPhone friends could. I could use 2 sim cards long before my iPhone friend could. I could swim with my phone long before my iPhone friends could. Yes yes yes…. it’s all possible now with an iPhone so I guess my next phone could be an iPhone.... Update!!! I just bought a iPhone 12 Mini :-)

Tech for fun

Raspberry Pi’s

I have four Raspberry Pi’s. I have a broken Raspberry Pi 3, now part of my Tech gallery next to my Commodore 64.

I’ve got a Rasp Zero which is a great small powerful pc… but not powerful enough for my needs, so it’s also part of my Tech gallery.

I have a Rasp 3B that is stationed as my UniFi network Center You can get the Raspberry 3b for 35 euro and that is a great price for such a powerful device. I did however buy the Raspberry PI 4 with the ultimate starter kit to play around with.

Virtual assistent

I used to have Google as a Virtual Assistent (VA), but as Im moving away from Google more and more I use Alexa from Amazon. I’ve got an echo show 5 as my main alarm clock in the master bedroom. I really like this VA as it shows the weather to me in de morning, it shows my favourite photo’s during the day and when it wakes me up it starts with a brightening light of 10 minutes before I have to get out of bed.

I also have an echo dot in my home office. It plays my favourite music, tells me the news when needed, reminds me to stretch my legs every now and then and will add items to my to do list when needed.

One of my sons has gotten the echo dot led from me as an alarm clock. It shows the current time and it wakes him up every morning. Oh yes… and it plays loud music during the day when he doesn’t have a school session or day.

Old Tech, mostly not used

Commodore 64

The Commodore 64, also known as the C64 or the CBM 64, is an 8-bit home computer introduced in January 1982 by Commodore International.

commodore 64

I got mine for my 7th birthday from my parents. It was may 1982 and according to my mother it was really expensive. I still have it!

It was the first computer I coded on. In Basic!

Did you know the Commodore 64 is listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest-selling single computer model of all time, with independent estimates placing the number sold between 12.5 and 17 million units.

Not so Tech stuff

More about my non Tech stuff soon!!

Computer Glasses

Well, I’m an old dude… from ’75 so you know…. getting older is beginning to take its toll.

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