Scrum Guide 2020 in EPUB format

Scrum Guide 2020 in EPUB format so you can read it on your KOBO or KINDLE reader. The Scrum Guide EPUB can be downloaded here for any eReader.

After 25 years the biggest change to the Scrum Guide appeared. This was the first update since 2017. And the good news is this new version has reduced in size from 19 to 13 pages. Now you can download the Scrum Guide in EPUB and Kindle Format.

Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. The Scrum Guide 2020 contains the definition of Scrum. This definition consists of Scrum’s roles, events, artifacts, and the rules that bind them together. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland developed Scrum; the Scrum Guide is written and provided by them. Together, they stand behind the Scrum Guide.

The Scrum Guide is not available in the EPUB format, I did not really like that. Back in 2017 I’ve also created a EPUB version of the Scrum Guide.

Since 2017 a lot happend! I’m not only a Certified Scrum Master, I also got my Product Owner certificate. Today when I saw the new Scrum Guide I thought of all those people that downloaded the EPUB version of de 2017 Scrum Guide.

12.483 people downloaded!

That’s a lot!

So as my Kobo reader still does not like PDF’s I didn’t wait and created once again the EPUB. But wait….

As I’m moving more and more to Amazon with all my stuff (using Amazon Photos now since Google told everybody would pay, with money and their data) I created a Kindle version also. You know… just to be sure I can read the Scum Master Guide also on it.

By the way, The Scrum Guide is downloadable in many many languages. English, German, Dutch, French in more than 30 languages, but I still don’t get it why it’s not downloadable in EPUB or Kindle Format.

But well! I’ve got you covered!

Download Scrum Guide in EPUB / Kindle format

Although the EPUB doesn’t look as sleek as the PDF, the content is right?

I converted the PDF of the SCRUM Guide 2020 to an EPUB. That is never as nice as original Word docs, but it is readable and usable.

Do you have a Kindle? I also have that version for you. I can’t test it myself because I don’t have a Kindle so let me know if you can read it.

In both cases I can’t really tell if it looks great but it is readable on your reader!

Download English EPUB version

Download English Kindle version

Searching for the Dutch version?

Scrum guide epub Coffee

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