This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and answers a very simply question:

What am I focused on right /NOW?

There are different areas in my life that have my focus. Here it goes…


  • Working at XSARUS Digital Commerce on all kind of different fashion webshops;
  • I'm working on a big project for renewing a webshop in Shopware for a fashion & lifestyle house in Zeeland;
  • I am also working on a project for implementing an OMS and Shopware site for a company in fashion for women aged 40+.


  • Busy insulating our 2 attics;
  • Helping my oldest son learn and do his homework;
  • While working from home, take care of cooking dinner in the evening;
  • Nice walk, to keep moving with one of my dogs, a Dachshund, called Bastiaan (Bas).


  • I'm trying to assemble the USS enterprise (from Metal Earth);
  • Just started using the "Rust" programming language;
  • Busy looking for a new sports watch, I really need to lose weight.


  • "An Ugly Truth" (Facebook);

This post is part of the ‘now page’ movement by Derek Sivers.