Medium stopped offering custom domains

No more custom domains, is this the end of Medium? Pulling back this great feature makes me wonder. But it's to give their own domain a higher pagerank!

Medium stopped offering custom domains

I love medium, don’t get me wrong! But now they stopped with custom domains,nI’m not so sure I want to stay. Custom domains was one of the reasons I likednmedium, I even wanted to pay the 75 dollars for it. But now custom domains arenno where to be found at medium anymore.n

Is this the end of Medium?

So yesterday I finally made the choice! Again it looked like my WordPress sitenwas hacked! Even though I update everything, every day when needed. But asnMSWindows, WordPress is being used by the majority of bloggers so it’s annliked easy target for hackers.

So after I fixed the hack on my WordPress site I was searching for the Customndomain section on Medium.

So on Google I searched for “Custom Domain Medium” and my eye fell on thisntext.

Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature.

Wait! What?

I clicked on the Medium support article and readnit with horror.

Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. If you alreadynhave a custom domain on Medium, nothing will change for you for thenforeseeable future, and your domain will continue to work as expected.

No no no no …. this cannot be True! I searched on google for more articlesnabout domains on Medium.

Custom domains on Medium — Medium Support


The most insightful stories about Custom Domain —nMedium



Okay…. this cannot be True! So I send out a mail to Support!


I wanted to add another domain to medium, but now I’m reading that Medium isnno longer offering new custom domains as a feature?

Is this true?

Please please please I hope not

I waited for an answer while crying my eyeballs out. (well obviously notnreally)

And the answer came!

Hi Theo,

Medium is no longer offering new custom domains for publications as anfeature. If you already have a custom domain on Medium, nothing will changenfor you for the foreseeable future, and your domain will continue to work asnexpected.

You can always create a publication on Medium that will live on URL.

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No more custom domains on Medium

So…. no more custom domains on Medium.

I understand Medium is shifting it’s revenue model to paid memberships whennyou want to read certain articles

I understand Medium had to ask for money for custom domains and sslncertificates.

But why stop handling custom domains?

So I got one final mail from Medium when I asked them why they stopped thisnfeature

Hi Theo,

I don’t have more information to share at this time. I will make sure ournteam will receive your feedback.

nUser Happiness

So…. no information.

Now, I was already thinking if medium was right for me. I’m a blogger andndon’t want to much thinking about security of my site, updates, backups and sonon.

I am willing to pay a small amount, like 5 dollar or so per month to have thisntaken out of my hands. Hell I even would pay another 75 for a custom domain.

But Medium stopped with custom domains. Still my domain works, but Inguess no new features will be coming to my little part of Medium.

So now what? I like Ghost, but paying 19 dollar each month for my private blognis somewhat overkill. I really don’t like Blogger (blogspot) and setting up anserver on digital ocean is to much of a fuss with, updates, backups etc.

So now… I’m lost…. want to stop with WordPress but there is no easy to gonsomewhere else.