Why I'm leaving Medium

I love Medium as a content platform, but I'm leaving Medium because I hate the Paywall they have in place. Should I leave Medium or live with the paywall?

Why I'm leaving Medium

Yes yes, I know, I’m getting old. But well let’s not discuss my age.

So, never ending story… Joomla, Blogger, Own written CMS, WordPress, Ghost.org, WordPress, Medium, Jekyll, Medium…… I have switched more often from a blog framework than Jerry Lee Lewis got married (7 times).

WordPress is to slow… way to slow. Blogger just does not have it. Joomla…. well… is that still around? Ghost.org… when they starting to ask 29 dollar per month…yes bye bye….  But Jekyll… is GREAT! No real admin backend out of the box… But Jekyll is fast, I almost had a 100% score on google pagespeed. But no backend…. Medium, fast, great audience, with a backend, open, transparent and custom domain. And above all, I don’t have to think about backups, updates eg. I’ve even written an article on it. So because Medium looked so good (to good to be true) I took the leap of faith and moved over to Medium.

Moving to Medium: The most stupid decision I could have made!

As of November 2017, Medium is no longer offering new custom domains as a feature. Instead, you can create a publication on Medium that will live on a medium.com/publication-name URL

Damn… no more custom domains…. well as I do understand Medium wants to thrive more and more traffic to their own Domain… I guess I can live with this.

Medium with a backend,  still fast, open, transparent with a great audience.

Hey… Medium.. I’m getting these pop-ups when I’m not logged in to your system. and I like to read some articles.

Medium Paywall

We like to know who you are so we can give a great readers experience to you.

Okay… so far for being an Open platform. You need to make yourself known or else it will not give you an article to read?

Medium Paywall

Then this sucker came around some of the articles.

Leaving Medium

Well I guess the writer has chosen that you should pay to be able to read the article.

Okay, for a (not so) open platform I think it strange that you let writers decide if I can or can’t read their article. Not so open anymore.

After a while I came to the conclusion that more and more articles where stuck behind the Paywall. Even articles of company blogs like Schuberg Philis.

A lot of big companies like “Schuberg Philis“, “kickstarter“, ‘”airbnb” have their blogs on Medium.  But when they all disappear behind a PayWall… well… you could as well have no blog as a Company. A company like Slack saw this coming so they pulled the plug on Medium.

Leaving Medium

No Medium, you don’t like it at all that I’m reading a lot.

Now all of this got me thinking. I don’t have a Paywall setup on my articles. But if Medium decides for itself to put some articles behind a Paywall or to not show your article to people that actually read a lot… then it is useless to have a Blog on Medium.

So, I’m leaving Medium going to Ghost!

So will this be a Never Ending Story? I hope not. I just installed Ghost on a Digital Ocean droplet and started moving some of my articles back to my own environment.

I do not mind paying for an environment. Hell, If I could have a own domain and a PayWall free blog on Medium I would gladly pay 5 bucks per month. But Medium decided to make an open platform a closed platform.

So I guess I’ll be blogging on this Digital Ocean droplet for now. I will let you know how you can in an other article I’ll be writing.

Let’s hope it won’t be a Never Ending Story.