Bye bye, I removed Medium

I removed my Medium Account. I love both hate medium. It's a great platform but I hate the pay-wall. I would rather pay the platform as writer.

Bye bye, I removed Medium

I’ve had it with their PayWall policy and the email I get about linking to outside Url’s.

Two weeks ago I got this mail from Medium.

I am writing in regards to your account on

I would like to remind you of our rules:

We ask that you not use the responses strictly to drive traffic or attention to posts or websites, or copy and paste a single response to multiple posts.

Please bring your account into compliance with our rules in the next 12 hours, or we will have to suspend it until it that can be done.

I was like… what? I’ve got over 600 blog posts on Medium, they should be glad I’m on it with their not so great pop-overs and paywalls and now I cannot be honest?

So okay, I was nagging some people that their content was behind a paywall and linked to my not Medium site why I stopped blogging on Medium.

But I still had all my previous blog articles over there so more free content for them to be searched upon and found by on Google.

Publishers told me to browse via VPN or incognito

The thing that stung me the most was that when I commented on articles that I could not read them due to the pop-overs or Paywall the writers and publishers told me to use a VPN connection or an incognito tab in chrome to be able to read it.

So.. People know that their articles are not for the whole world to read, but they give direction on how to do so anyway!!!!

I guess that is also against the Medium Policy. They are actually earning the most off the backs of writers and the writers are telling me on how to read their articles for free!

Removed my articles from Medium

So I did what they asked. I removed the “drive traffic to my own site” links. And then I started thinking. So when I write posts and want to link to my sites and Medium does not like it I get suspended!

But a lot of my articles link to other sites, my sites……

Together with they taking away the own domain possibility and the pop-overs when not logged in and the You gotta pay if you want to read this, made me think.

Do I really want to have my blogs here?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved medium. The interaction and connection with people, the great articles and the simple intuitive site and backend.

Rather pay for open platform then remove medium

But I rather would pay for an open platform than to see my readers have to pay for my articles.

Bye Bye Medium, I removed you
Bye Bye Medium

So I imported all my articles to  and closed down my Medium account.

And you know what… Yes, no more fancy articles to read, no more interaction with others, but also NO MORE POP-OVERS and PAYWALLS

I’m not sad, I’m happy I’ve got my own Ghost site now on Digital Ocean. Runs great!